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2014 Soccer Archives – #18 Fanendo Adi (1977 Topps)

1977 Topps Front fadi1977 Topps Back fadi

As I create more and more of these I definitely see a trend.  The best MLS players are in the west.  That might be a misnomer though because most of the MLS teams are west of the Mississippi River.  This card came out looking a bit plain in my mind.  I wanted to add a third color like I do in many of my cards in this set but thanks to the green white primary colors of the team, I was very limited as to my options as far as the pennant color and the team name color.

Originally I was going to make the pennant color white with green wording but, I thought it just made the card look incomplete.  So I went with the green with white writing even though it matches the team name color.  It’s the best I could do with this team.  If you can think of another color I could use that would also associate with the team I am all ears.  I would like to change it a little before I turn it into a card.


2014 Soccer Archives Set – #17 Marco Pappa (1977 Topps)

1977 Topps Front PAPPA1977 Topps Back pappa


Here is card number 17, I have been using the MLS Castrol Index to determine which player to do next.  Because most of the top players will be difficult to get to sign through the mail, I have been using the weekly list as well to get some of the not as well known players.  To say Marco is not as well known is kind of dumb since he is an integral part of the Sounders organization at this point.

Marco has been around the world.  He’s played in Guatemala, the Netherlands and the US.  He’s been on the Fire and now with his first season for the Sounders, he might have just found his home for the next few seasons.  He has played internationally for the Guatemalan National team since he was a teenager.

Let me know what you think of this card and Pappa.



2014 SOCCER ARCHIVE SET – #16 Bradley Wright-Phillips

1977 Topps Front wright-phillips 1977 Topps Back wright-phillips

This was a pain to make.  Not the design or anything like that but the shear length of his name.  Wow, that was tough! Lengthening and shrinking, changing fonts, it was very tough to squeeze his name in.  Overall though I really love this 1977 design.  It’s no secret that this is one of my all time favorite sets.

Wright-Phillips has been having an amazing season.  He along with Henry have been propelling the Red Bulls.  As a former Premier League player he illustrates how much of a difference there is between the PL and the MLS.  Let me know how you feel about Wright-Phillips and this card.

Prototype – 1977 Topps Back Clint Irwin

1977 Topps Back Irwin

I love the way the back of this card came out, but I have no idea what to put in the side area.  Originally as you can see I thought about using the MLS and Colorado rapids logos, but now I can see it looks pretty horrible.  I am open to suggestions. I just can’t think of anything.  In the original card, there is a factoid with a cartoon player.  I don’t have the chops to draw a soccer guy nor have I found on on here that might work.  Please suggest anything!

New Template I am Working on 1977 Topps Remake

1977 Topps Front Irwin


I am playing around with this idea for the next part of the set. It is kind of plain, but then again so was the 1977 set.  The fonts are tough though.  Especially the block letters on top.  There was a fair amount of scaling.  I wanted to definitely use the team colors of the Rapids.  I thought it was a nice twist.  I am curious to see what you think.  Like I said this is just a prototype.  I am going to play around with it more.  I especially don’t like the name font, but I can’t think of one that would work well.