New Prototype I am Working on 1989 Score – Patrick Mullins

1989 score patrick mullins front


I have always loved the 1989 Score design.  The rookie cards especially but I do love the entire design of the set.  I had created an Andre Brown 1985 card, but now that I have had time to reflect, I think I am going to shift the rookie cards to this design.  A little more about the design on this, I do think that that crest was important and I really had to put it on the front of the card.  The real problem I had and will continue to have is to find a crest for the teams.  This one was pirated from the Out of the Park forum.  I am not even sure that this is an official crest.    The other design aspect that was difficult (besides finding the right fonts) was how big to make the autograph area.  I hate running the crest into the autograph area, but I really didn’t have a choice.  As far as Patrick Mullins goes, he’s most likely going to be this year’s rookie of the year.  He has immediately infused a solid scoring option into the Revolution lineup.  He has star written all over him.  I am curious to see how you feel about it.