2014 Soccer Archive Set – #3 Chris Wondolowski

1985 topps ttm front wondolowski  1985 topps ttm back wondolowski

When I first started following MLS, I really liked Wondo! The guy can flat out score and it doesn’t matter when and where.  This year his numbers are a bit down but he had more important things to worry about such as the World Cup. Some of the difficulties I have making this card surround his last name.  How I had to shrink it then elongate it.  Also tough on the back squeezing Earthquakes in the team name.  In the record area I had to shorten it to “Quakes” just because there was just no way to fit it in.  To top it off Wondo has had a long career and the 5 lines of stats I reserved was just not going to cut it so I had to limit it to just the 5 past years.  I’ve also been going back and forth on whether or not to include 2014.  Since the first 2 cards include it I decided to stick with it. I would love some of your thoughts on this.