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Digital Premier League Autographs: Jordan Ibes (JA-AU)


1961 jordan ibe auto front


1961 jordan ibe auto back

I’m back again, it’s been a long time I know, but I wanted to put some of my newest stuff on here for all to see. Since last year I’ve been following Bournemouth after their promotion to the top tier.  They had a solid first season and with that success they went on to sign their first star largest transfer in landing Jordan Ibes from Liverpool.

As a soccer newbie, I can’t explain why this is a great signing or not.  I just know that it’s exciting to see such a young prospect land with the team you follow.  For these 1961 Fleer style cards I wanted to do a series of young prospect signature cards.  I’ve made a few, I will turn them into real cards.  Right now I have seen some Jordan Ibe cards on eBay but all with Liverpool and none with the Cherries. So here is his first Bournemouth card. Let me know what you think of it and of Jordan Ibes.


New Prototype for Soccer Archive Set – 1959 Topps Sean Johnson

1959 Topps Front sjohnson   1959 Topps Back sjohnson

Yet another design that I have always loved.  At least the front of it, I have never loved the back.  It had the rub with coin for answer and a lot of dead space at the bottom of the card.  It’s why I placed the logos that I did at the bottom of the card.  Some things I changed on the front of the card include the boarder around the player picture and the addition of the autograph box, had to be clipped on the ends.  If I allowed them to extend out, I felt it would be too much white in that area.

As far as the subject goes, Sean Johnson is a fantastic goalie.  He has been in the starting 11 essentially since his rookie season in 2010.  He is in a great situation on a fantastic team.  At the age of 25 he is already a veteran and a leader on his team.  Let me know what you think about the design.  If it needs anything or not.