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Mystery Cuts Set – CN-MC – Chester Nimitz

nimitz frontnimitz back


I really wanted to do some historical cards.  The autograph is a replicate since a real one would cost a mint!  I changed up the back a bit to do a little history lesson.  What do you think?


Mystery Cuts Set – JB-MC – Cool Papa Bell

`cool papa bell autocool papa bell auto back


This one is one of my personal autographs that was a cut plain index card.  I decided that the Mystery Cuts template was the best to use.  So I recreated it, with some of my own spin.  Obviously the card is not an Upper Deck card but because the printing is so sharp you would have a tough time knowing that.  This is not a for sale kind of thing, this is just something I did for my personal collection so that I could encapsulate the cut autograph.

When I was a kid, my dad used to tell me stories about Bell and how obscenely fast he was.  I am sure he was quick, but probably not as quick as my dad says.  Decided a few years ago that I would like to get a cut autograph of him.  This one was purchased off eBay and came with a PSA/DNA certificate.  Cost wise it was about $25 I believe and I was thrilled to make it into a cut autograph card.  Unfortunately I don’t have this template anymore, it was on a thumb drive that got destroyed in an unfortunate accident.  At some point I am going to remake this template because it is one of my all time favorites.

What do you think of it?