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2014 Soccer Archives Cut Autograph Prototype – Pele

pele cut auto template


I was messing around with a mini cut autograph card in the design of 1985 Topps football.  Again, I wanted to use the hundreds of business cards I have to do with whatever I want.  I’ve always loved making cut autograph cards.  Of course how many cut soccer autographs are there out there that I can do.  Still though, I really like how this looks and at a minimum I will make the Pele one.

What do you think about it.  I still have to come up with a back.


Custom Card Set Prototype – 1989 Score Rookie (back) – Patrick Mullins

1989 score patrick mullins back


I spent a good chunk of last night working on this template for the back of the score card.  I think it came out pretty good.  Fonts were definitely a problem with this one, also I got lucky that I was able to find a separate crest and logo for the team or the bottom is going to look bland.  Overall though I think I came out looking pretty sharp.  As to whether or not I would put this in the Archive Set, I think I will create a separate Score or Donruss / Panini Archive set.  That’s why I created the card number as RS-PM (rookie score – patrick mullins).  I can see this as being a stand alone set for the 2014 MLS rookies.  Tonight I think I am going to start printing out some of the cards I have made here.  The only concern I have is whether I should do the back on card stock or not for the 1985 / 1977 Topps cards.  I might try it both ways to see how I like it.  I welcome any comments you might have.

New Prototype I am Working on 1989 Score – Patrick Mullins

1989 score patrick mullins front


I have always loved the 1989 Score design.  The rookie cards especially but I do love the entire design of the set.  I had created an Andre Brown 1985 card, but now that I have had time to reflect, I think I am going to shift the rookie cards to this design.  A little more about the design on this, I do think that that crest was important and I really had to put it on the front of the card.  The real problem I had and will continue to have is to find a crest for the teams.  This one was pirated from the Out of the Park forum.  I am not even sure that this is an official crest.    The other design aspect that was difficult (besides finding the right fonts) was how big to make the autograph area.  I hate running the crest into the autograph area, but I really didn’t have a choice.  As far as Patrick Mullins goes, he’s most likely going to be this year’s rookie of the year.  He has immediately infused a solid scoring option into the Revolution lineup.  He has star written all over him.  I am curious to see how you feel about it.

Prototype – 1977 Topps Back Clint Irwin

1977 Topps Back Irwin

I love the way the back of this card came out, but I have no idea what to put in the side area.  Originally as you can see I thought about using the MLS and Colorado rapids logos, but now I can see it looks pretty horrible.  I am open to suggestions. I just can’t think of anything.  In the original card, there is a factoid with a cartoon player.  I don’t have the chops to draw a soccer guy nor have I found on on here that might work.  Please suggest anything!

New Template I am Working on 1977 Topps Remake

1977 Topps Front Irwin


I am playing around with this idea for the next part of the set. It is kind of plain, but then again so was the 1977 set.  The fonts are tough though.  Especially the block letters on top.  There was a fair amount of scaling.  I wanted to definitely use the team colors of the Rapids.  I thought it was a nice twist.  I am curious to see what you think.  Like I said this is just a prototype.  I am going to play around with it more.  I especially don’t like the name font, but I can’t think of one that would work well.