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2014 Soccer Archives Set – #17 Marco Pappa (1977 Topps)

1977 Topps Front PAPPA1977 Topps Back pappa


Here is card number 17, I have been using the MLS Castrol Index to determine which player to do next.  Because most of the top players will be difficult to get to sign through the mail, I have been using the weekly list as well to get some of the not as well known players.  To say Marco is not as well known is kind of dumb since he is an integral part of the Sounders organization at this point.

Marco has been around the world.  He’s played in Guatemala, the Netherlands and the US.  He’s been on the Fire and now with his first season for the Sounders, he might have just found his home for the next few seasons.  He has played internationally for the Guatemalan National team since he was a teenager.

Let me know what you think of this card and Pappa.




2014 Soccer Archives Set – #5 Brad Davis (1985 Topps)

1985-topps-ttm-front-bdavis  1985-topps-ttm-back-bdavis


Card number five of the Soccer Archives Set is Brad Davis.  I just noticed that the S is Davis is partially chopped off.  I’ll have to fix that before printing.  I have noticed quite a few cropping errors since I am writing about the cards before printing.  I highly recommend that you do the same when making your own cards.  Sometimes after a creation you become so elated with yourself that you miss the little things.  I also caught the cropping error on the Sean Johnson card the other day.  Text seems to be the biggest of my worries.

Another problem I have run across is that my particular ink jet printer doesn’t do reflections well.  The Clint Dempsey card has a spot on his head where he is perspiring, this doesn’t translate well to ink jet printers.  It almost looks like a smudge so be careful when you are choosing a subject picture.

Back to Brad Davis, he has been in the league for a long time.  Drafted in 2002 after a great two years at St. Louis University, he has been on the Houston Dynamos since 2005 where essentially he has been a starting XI since day one.  He also has been a fixture on the USMNT since 2005 and even started against Germany in this year’s World Cup.  Essentially a must have for this year’s set.

It’s Alive – From Digital to Reality 2

I created the next three physical cards from my digital creations.  All will be sent out in the coming days.  Big thanks to Bradley Wright-Phillips and Mike Magee for showing their appreciation of the cards on Twitter.  Here are the pictures of the fronts and backs of the cards:




Click for larger images

All three cards came out looking good and I have already sent the Mike Magee one out for signature as of today.  The other two along with the Clint Dempsey will be going out during the week.  I am trying to find some home addresses for the players but it’s proving to be a difficult endeavor since most of the players only live part – time in the cities in which they play.  Also the TTM database at sportscardforum is not as good when it comes to MLS players.  I hope to change that soon.  Let me know how you like the cards or if you think they need some tweaking.

2014 SOCCER ARCHIVE SET – #16 Bradley Wright-Phillips

1977 Topps Front wright-phillips 1977 Topps Back wright-phillips

This was a pain to make.  Not the design or anything like that but the shear length of his name.  Wow, that was tough! Lengthening and shrinking, changing fonts, it was very tough to squeeze his name in.  Overall though I really love this 1977 design.  It’s no secret that this is one of my all time favorite sets.

Wright-Phillips has been having an amazing season.  He along with Henry have been propelling the Red Bulls.  As a former Premier League player he illustrates how much of a difference there is between the PL and the MLS.  Let me know how you feel about Wright-Phillips and this card.

2014 Soccer Archive Set – #4 Mike Magee

1985-topps-ttm-front-magee   1985-topps-ttm-back-magee

I finally had a chance to redo my 1985 Topps templates last night.  I think I like it even better this time around.  This time I am keeping it in two different locations, it will not get corrupted.  For the subject of this one I did Mike Magee, who recently did this great short:

Mike has been around the block but is finally at home in Illinois.  Last year he tallied 21 goals and really come into his own.  This year he has been very productive as well netting 6 goals in 10 games. He is definitely a fan favorite in Chicago and honestly I think he’s staying around for a while.