2014 Soccer Archives Set – #5 Brad Davis (1985 Topps)

1985-topps-ttm-front-bdavis  1985-topps-ttm-back-bdavis


Card number five of the Soccer Archives Set is Brad Davis.  I just noticed that the S is Davis is partially chopped off.  I’ll have to fix that before printing.  I have noticed quite a few cropping errors since I am writing about the cards before printing.  I highly recommend that you do the same when making your own cards.  Sometimes after a creation you become so elated with yourself that you miss the little things.  I also caught the cropping error on the Sean Johnson card the other day.  Text seems to be the biggest of my worries.

Another problem I have run across is that my particular ink jet printer doesn’t do reflections well.  The Clint Dempsey card has a spot on his head where he is perspiring, this doesn’t translate well to ink jet printers.  It almost looks like a smudge so be careful when you are choosing a subject picture.

Back to Brad Davis, he has been in the league for a long time.  Drafted in 2002 after a great two years at St. Louis University, he has been on the Houston Dynamos since 2005 where essentially he has been a starting XI since day one.  He also has been a fixture on the USMNT since 2005 and even started against Germany in this year’s World Cup.  Essentially a must have for this year’s set.


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