Note to Target – Pack Searching Needs to Stop!

Twitter has been blowing up over this picture:



This is a BAREFOOT pack searcher.   I wish I could say this was an isolated incident, but I see this all over the place.  This particular one was filmed in Murfreesboro, TN.  You can see the original Twitter post here.


I hate pack searchers, it’s the number one reason I don’t buy cards at big box chains like Target.  There are so many bad things about this, but the thing that bothers me the most is that in most of the Target stores near me, this display sits right in front of the Customer Service area.  I also hate the fact that he is defiling the Allen and Ginter packs.  This is one of the main sets people look forward to every year, now ruined for every person going in there to just buy a pack.

I didn’t want to write about the card industry in my blog.  I just had to write about this though. Since it pisses me off to no end.  How do you feel about this?



4 thoughts on “Note to Target – Pack Searching Needs to Stop!”

  1. Retail would loose money if they prevented searching. No too many people buy random loose packs. Most people go to retail stores to search for cards they want or need. If they prevented it they would loos a lot of business


    1. I do understand your point of view, but Target isn’t in the business of losing money. Stopping pack searchers, may temporarily slow down how many packages are sold, but in the long run they will sell more when people can buy a loose pack without worrying if it’s been tampered with. For most of America, big box retailers are the only local place to buy cards. For the most part it is for me. Cards will be bought, stopping them would not hurt their business.


  2. I see your point too, But there are way, and I mean way more people that search packs than most people think. I would say at least in retail more people search than just grab and buy. If they stop this a lot of people will just quit collecting because it is too expensive, including myself. but one thing is target, walmart, & k mart do not own the cards. its a separate company & at the end of the day cards are being sold and the company is making a profit, they don’t care how & who is buying the cards, and to be honest if i was in their shoes i wouldn’t care either. In my area and most areas i have been to the only people buying the cards are the pack searchers (they are buying a lot) I & many people will search through packs to find base cards, team cards, and cards we want, not just autos and relics. if you take that a way a lot of people will quit buying, or buy way less


    1. Pack searchers have ruined the Sport Trading Card Industry by cherry picking the good cards and leaving nothing for the younger generation nothing to find when they buy a pack -10 years ago their were twice as many Sports Trading Cards in these stores and 5 times of the current trading card companies – you figure it out ?


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