1989 Score Rookie Set – Thomas McNamara

1989 score Thomas McNarama front 1989 score thomas mcnamara back

When making this set up I wanted to just put in first year guys.  Meaning guys drafted in this year’s Super Draft and started playing immediately.  Now this may change as I go on since I’d like to see this set swell to about 30 cards. Then I’d like to do a different set every year along the lines of the Donruss “The Rookies” sets of the late 80s.

I liked  McNamara for one simple reason . . . the mullet.  His mullet also describes his play, a little wild and very effective.  Just looking at him you know this guy is business in the front and party in the back!  This year he is a solid contender for rookie of the year after being an ACC standout just a year ago.  I wish him and Chivas USA the best of luck this season.

So How do you like this card? How would you build not only this set but sets that follow?


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