It’s Alive – From Digital to Reality 2

I created the next three physical cards from my digital creations.  All will be sent out in the coming days.  Big thanks to Bradley Wright-Phillips and Mike Magee for showing their appreciation of the cards on Twitter.  Here are the pictures of the fronts and backs of the cards:




Click for larger images

All three cards came out looking good and I have already sent the Mike Magee one out for signature as of today.  The other two along with the Clint Dempsey will be going out during the week.  I am trying to find some home addresses for the players but it’s proving to be a difficult endeavor since most of the players only live part – time in the cities in which they play.  Also the TTM database at sportscardforum is not as good when it comes to MLS players.  I hope to change that soon.  Let me know how you like the cards or if you think they need some tweaking.


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