When Digital Creations Become Real

This evening, I decided to create the cards that I designed.  Then sometime this weekend I am going to send them out to get signed.  I am not saying it went without a hitch:



When sticker machines go bad.  I didn’t realize that I was out of sticker paper and the front of the Dempsey card just rolled on up into the machine.  However when all was said and done the cards came out beautifully and my toughest critic (my wife) actually liked them.  Here is what they looked like:






I am very curious to know what you think.  On the sad side, something got corrupted on my computer and I lost my Topps 1985 template.  So tonight I am going to work on those.


6 thoughts on “When Digital Creations Become Real”

      1. Ah ok I was just wondering if it was printed on like scrapbooking card stock because I have done that in the past to achieve a similar effect to the same one


      2. Yes sort of it looks like the paper of the backs of old cards but it is as thick as photo paper. And yes it can go through an inkjet printer.


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