Custom Card Set Prototype – 1989 Score Rookie (back) – Patrick Mullins

1989 score patrick mullins back


I spent a good chunk of last night working on this template for the back of the score card.  I think it came out pretty good.  Fonts were definitely a problem with this one, also I got lucky that I was able to find a separate crest and logo for the team or the bottom is going to look bland.  Overall though I think I came out looking pretty sharp.  As to whether or not I would put this in the Archive Set, I think I will create a separate Score or Donruss / Panini Archive set.  That’s why I created the card number as RS-PM (rookie score – patrick mullins).  I can see this as being a stand alone set for the 2014 MLS rookies.  Tonight I think I am going to start printing out some of the cards I have made here.  The only concern I have is whether I should do the back on card stock or not for the 1985 / 1977 Topps cards.  I might try it both ways to see how I like it.  I welcome any comments you might have.


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