2014 Soccer Archives Set – #1 Clint Dempsey

1985 topps ttm front dempsey1985 topps ttm back dempsey

Hey all chemgod is back! Bad Wax is dead, I just got board writing it.  So now I can create whatever custom set I want to.  I can update the blog whenever I want to and I’m doing this for me instead of trying to give out news and advise.  I’ve decided one custom set I am going to work on is a soccer archives set using old football (American) and baseball designs.  The first few are going to be 1985 Topps football.  I think the first 10 will be in that design.

Number one is Clint Dempsey the hero of the US Mens World Cup National Team.  I figured it was only fitting that he be number one.  Clint has done the whole MLS to Europe thing and is now back in the US playing for the Sounders of the MLS.  He is currently the #1 ranked player in the MLS. This set will also be a through the mail set where I will send away for autographs.  I couldn’t find a home address so this one is going to Sounders HQ in Washington state.


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